Project Description


Scriptable Converter is a in development tool which converts .CSV and .XML file into Scriptable Objects in Unity.

This tool is very useful in a pipeline where non-coder people have to work on game data.

It allows them to define and tweak those datas on Microsoft Excel, for example, and then convert it as ScriptableObject in Unity.


– Download and put the unity package directly into your Unity project.

– Create a ScriptableObject script to store your data and generate an empty one.

– Use the tool to export the empty ScriptableObject to get a template of .CSV or .XML.

– Fill the .CSV or .XML with your data.

– Import the file and let the tool create instances of the Scriptable Object with you data.

Improvements and Issues

  •    Of course, .CSV format can’t manage generics such as List. No Unity types either as you can’t set, for example, a GameObject in an Excel…
  •    The .CSV method works perfectly ! You can easily make tons of lines in your .CSV and Unity will create as many instances as you need.
  •    The .XML format is less easy to work on actually. The .NET XML library doesn’t allow us to be flexible and currently creates issues:

– The .XML version works but only with one scriptable object per file for now.

– Moreover, the actual XML serialization forces us to specify the class name of the scriptable object we want to import.

To fix it, I will probably need to code a home made XML serializer which will include the class name and set the nodes to allow multiple objects in a single file.

  •    I will include JSON format in a forthcoming version.


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