Project Description


As part of my 4th year internship, I worked on Mind Your Brain for Black Sheep Studio during 3 months together with a small team.


The Project

Mind Your Brain is a therapeutic video game in which you can use your mind as a controller with the help of the P300, EEG technology.

This project was born out of the collaboration between Mensia Technologies, the DYCOG team of the neuroscience research lab in Lyon (CRNL) and the neuropathic service of the HCL hospital in Lyon.

The goal is to help people and especially children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) (TDAH in French), encouraging them to complete minigames which require cerebral input to be played.

Considering that between 3.5 and 7% of 6-13 year-olds are affected by ADD, Mind Your Brain could be an easy, non-invasive solution for millions of people.


My Work

During the 3rd month, I helped designing and programming three of the project’s minigames.
I had to code the minigames while keeping in mind the specificities of the device.
I also brought critical insight into designing and building a fun, helpful, and suitable game for a particular audience (children with ADD).



French article in Le Mag Numérique on the project


Project Details