Project Description


Lawn party is a game made for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015.
The game was made by a group of 4 students including myself.

We won the National Final !


The Game

Lawn Party is a game about mowing lawns. Mow fast, efficiently and with style by exploring the most unexpected gardens.

With Lawn Party we wanted to gamify and make fun of the tedious work of lawn mowing. It is a sarcastic take on the conformity of a perfect society where the grass is always green but the mower doesn’t fit.

My Work

I was the only programmer on this game. Coding the gameplay, the controls, the feedbacks and the really challenging mown system
I also take time to experiment tool programming for the first time, creating, for exemple, a level builder for my fellow level designers
which was open to players in definitive to lets them make their own levels.



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February 2016

Breaking News! We’ve been selected for the National Final of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016!

April 2016

Breaking News! We won the National Final!




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