Project Description

February – March 2016


A two-week project at Supinfogame Rubika, with a team of 22 students for Gameloft.


The Game

In this poetic runner, the player is a kunda who has to reach the head of a giant waterworld dragon to help him die.

« The Sacred River-Dragon God, Ouroboros, is dying. Rejecting his death, he thrashes around, defying the cycle of life and death.

The player controls Kunda, the celestial keeper of the resumption, attempting to appease the dying God and accompany him into the cycle of renewal.

They need to ride the raging dragon’s decaying body and ring the seven bells on his back to bring peace to Ouroboros. »


My Work

My tasks involved project management of this team. Which was a challenge for me, first time I managed a team of this size.
Especially with such of a time constraint.



You can find Kundalini on our page.





Project Details