Project Description

The Context

During my years at Supinfogame Rubika school, I have seen a lot of classmates having a hard time integrating and using audio in Unity.
I initally created a tool for my coworker and then updated it, project after project, based on users’ feedback.
Now Harmony is a tool used by many students at my school, in final year projects as well as in professional projects.

The Project

Harmony is a Unity plugin and tool useful for managing the sounds aspects of a project.

Harmony’s principal asset is how easy it becomes to set up and manipulate songs. Perfect and pleasant for tests, game jams and other projects.
Just place your songs in the AudioClips folder and you can Play, Pause, Stop… with only one line of code!


Extra Links

You can download Harmony here

And find the documentation here

Coming soon on the Unity Asset Store!


Project Details