Project Description


– The observation: when using Unity UI, a lot of people feel stuck or confused about the anchor system and get a massive headache trying to make those work properly.
– The hypothesis: in many cases, especially for small games, prototypes, fixed resolution projects, non animated UI and more… Users just need all the UI anchors to be framed strictly around the UI element.
– The problem: gapping the anchor strictly around an UI element can be a long and painful task, notably if your UI element is rotated or scaled.

My solution: creating a tool which provides a simple two-click or shortcut process to easily manipulate anchors around the selected element.
This tool works for multiple UI elements—even children ones, has its own Undo action and allows you to:

– Gap UI anchors around selected elements.
– Gap the UI element around anchors.
– Mirror vertically and horizontally your UI element according to the anchors or the parent center.



EasyGUI comes in a unity package containing a single dll file which needs to be put in a Editor folder (automatic with the package). It’s very easy to use:

– Select the UI element(s) you want to work on.
– Select « Tools » tab then select the desired action (for example, « Anchors to Corners »).
– Each action has a corresponding keyboard shortcut.



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